Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA)

The Wardsboro Pathfinders Clubs’ online TMA purchase process from previous years was fairly straightforward. The new TMA process that we all now have to follow is a directive from VAST. We hope you find the new VAST process as easy or even better going forward.

Please consider making a separate donation through the Donate button below to help assist the club. Contributions to our grooming fund are greatly appreciated and 100% of this assistance goes to seasonal fuel costs, equipment maintenance as wells as Infrastructure repairs.

Many thanks to all who have contributed so far!

Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA)

A few things are needed before you start the process to purchase a TMA on the VAST site.

1. You will need your VAST membership#

VAST sent out Membership cards to past members. If you did not get a card, you should be able to look up the number by following the Membership Lookup Tutorial.

If you don’t succeed with the above steps, you can message us, and we will send it to you.

2.You will need a digital image of your current State DMV Registration ready to upload as part of the process. Your purchase will be canceled if you do not provide a current valid State DMV Registration.

Full Season Early Bird TMA’s are available from October 1st to December 15th.
Regular Season TMA’s are available after December 15th.

Have a question? We would be happy to help

Call or email us, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.