Wardsboro Pathfinders Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 163
West Wardsboro, VT 05360

2019 Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA) Order Form

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Snowmobile Registration
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 *  Snowmobile must be registered in Vermont to qualify for Vermont Registration rates.
** Family sled rate available after the purchase of two (2) Regular Sled TMA's. All sleds MUST be registered to the SAME OWNER.
  Product Availability Quantity Rate Sub Total
  Grooming & Trail Maintenance Donation   THANK YOU! – –
VT Registration * Regular Sled Available
Family, Additional sleds ** Not available after Dec 15th
Non-VT Registration Regular Sled Available
Family, Additional sleds ** Not available after Dec 15th
Club Dues Annual Club Dues N/A
Club Merchandise VAST Trail Map SOLD OUT
Club Sticker  (click here for details) 190 available
Euro Sticker 3x5  (click here for details) 293 available
Club Patch  (click here for details) 96 available
Neckwarmer  (click here for details) 51 available
Pint Glass  (click here for details) 130 available
Ball Cap - Pink  (click here for details) SOLD OUT
Ball Cap - Black  (click here for details) 22 available
Beanie - Black  (click here for details) 7 available
Beanie - Red  (click here for details) 3 available
Beanie - Grey  (click here for details) 23 available
Fleece Vests

(click here for details)

Fleece Vest - Medium -1 available
Fleece Vest - Large 5 available
Fleece Vest - XL 5 available
Fleece Vest - 2XL 7 available
Fleece Vest - 3XL 4 available

(click here for short sleeve details)

(click here for long sleeve details)

Short Sleeve Grey - Small 4 available
Short Sleeve Grey - Medium SOLD OUT
Short Sleeve Grey - Large SOLD OUT
Short Sleeve Grey - XL SOLD OUT
Short Sleeve Grey - 2XL SOLD OUT
Short Sleeve Black - Small 6 available
Short Sleeve Black - Medium 5 available
Short Sleeve Black - Large 11 available
Short Sleeve Black - XL 1 available
Short Sleeve Black - 2XL SOLD OUT
Long Sleeve Black - Large 1 available
Long Sleeve Black - XL 9 available
Long Sleeve Black - 2XL 14 available
Long Sleeve Black - 3XL 6 available
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