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Wardsboro Pathfinders Snowmobile Club is a 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

* * 710 TRAIL REPORT * *

710's Local Trail Map

TUESDAY 1/15/19 6:30 PM

Status:  O P E N 

The 710 is OPEN. In a word, I would say it is TECHNICAL.

The trail has been run and cleared of trees end to end. We have it all... some flowing water bars, section of ice, exposed rocks and occasional deep ruts. So basically a typical early and late season low-snow trail condition for the 710.

We’ve not been able to fully pull a drag east of town center from just above the Transfer Station to WM20. That will require more snow, which looks like we might actually get this weekend.

The groomers will be out to pack and groom the trail late in the storm and after, allowing us to fill and cover those holes and bare spots.
Please ride within your and your group’s abilities. Take it slow and stay safe.

Our club is a 100% volunteer organization. If you can volunteer, please contact us. Many hands make light work.

Watch for Trail Condition updates here, on VAST's Trail Report page, our Facebook page.

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Thank you for your cooperation!
WPSC Grooming Crew

Riding tips:

  1. Use a steady throttle when climbing hills.
  2. Don't spin out -- it leaves deep whoops in the trail.
  3. To keep from tipping over, cross water bars and trenches at a 90 degree angle.
  4. Stay on the marked trail. Respect landowners!
  5. Please don't litter -- carry out what you carry in.

Please ride responsibly.

Visit VAST's Trail Report for statewide trail conditions.

Contact us with your comments on trail conditions and we'll post it to this page, and social media.

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